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I hope this is not too general or without proper knowledge to post this here.... ? ... here goes..

* I have replaced nearly everything in my computer and would like to try to build my own next. (I do not work with computers, it's something I started doing after work instead of watching TV)

I am looking for a simple rundown on which componants to buy that will work with each other. ( to buy one at a time as I have the money/time. )

So far I would like the following-
- P4 type with a large enough "cache" to be able to keep adding RAM as time goes on.
(random note- Is Cache and Ram different? )

- case with power supply for future additions.
(note- does 350-400 watt only work with p4/amd ? )
(need case with USB plugs? )
-case- ( do they make cases with CPU and motherboard in it already? , if so - what's it called?)

- Motherboard - mainboard = same? , BUT not comes with "CPU" ?
( note- Do I have to do any soldering for CPU to motherboard? - -- pins? )

- Hard drive. ?
( is this the simple part, or does it have anything to do with performance?)

- I can figure out the other add-on stuff.... although still a bit confused on "integrated audio or video" ... since I would like to be able to replace the vid/audio cards later.

- (last note) - when looking on ebay for deals, I see a great deal of numbers that are not familiar. - (front port bus speeds, differences in descriptions of AMD and how to figure speed of them, .... ) --I guess that's all for now. Is this over my head?
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