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bsods when reinstalling vista

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WYou will have to forgive me as I'm posting this from my phone. I don't have all of the ystem info at the moment but ill provide what I can.

GFX:msi n460gtX
Power supply:corsair tx650w
Cpu:intel core 2 quad.:pray:

Pc was prebuilt by cyberpower and has been running fine for 16 months.

My issue Is this:since I turned on my pc this morning I've been given nothing but constant bsod crashes. I was unable to even log in windows. So I took my vista cd, formatted my drive via the cd and attempted to reinstall. Howeveri couldn't get past the copying phase without hitting a bsod. I tried to restore bios to defaults but now won't completly load the disc. The current bsod error I'm getting is......
"The system encountered an uncorrectable hardware error"
Stop:0x00000124 (0x000000000000000, 0xFFFFFA800431E030,0x00000000B2000040,0x0000000000000800)
The other messages I've been getting are.....
A clock interupt was not recived by a secondary proccessor within the allocated interval.

However the first error is the one that keeps coming up. So is there a fix for this via bios or am I looking at getting some new hardware?
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I would like to take a look at your system dumps. Since you can't boot into safe mode, I would like you to boot into Ubuntu.
Download | Ubuntu

After you burn it to a disk boot to it and choose to boot without making any changes to your computer.

After you get booted up (if it doesn't crash) you should be able to access your hard drive. Browse to C:\windows\minidumps and upload all the files from that folder to here.
Sorry for the delay. I actually ended up opening up my rig and took a can of compressed air to some of the dust. However, prior to me opening it up, and after cleaning it out, it doesnt reconginze any moniters. Don't know if it's a cable that isnt properly hooked up or what. But I've checked all of the cables and I still cant figure out whats wrong. As soon as I can get it to boot up properly with the moniter i'll try and post the minidumps.
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