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BSOD when trying to install games

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Hi there! I am new to this, so I hope I am doing everything the right way. That being said, I can continue with some more information about my problem.

This problem occurred while I was trying to install a game on my newly created configuration. In the beginning of the installation, it just showed me the BSOD and then a restart followed. Happened with not one, but a few installations. I also had a isdone.dll problem with another game, which I couldn't fix, so I dumped that installation, too.

My OC is Windows 7 64 bits. My configuration (PC) is new, but I am using only my old HDDs, so before that my PC was running Windows 7 32 bits. I installed it myself yesterday (for a second time, because I thought a fresh install might fix the problem). My configuration is new, but not really - by that I mean it's newly built, but from second hand components (which, I think, all seem to work fine).

My video is Sapphire R9 290 Tri-x, Mobo: Asus Z97-K (got warranty), PSU: Seasonic 750B (750W) (also got warranty)

Some other info I think I should share:
- I checked my RAM with MemTest86 for about 2 hours and it was all fine. Did several passes. Don't have the time for more tests, might do them in the night.
- One of my HDDs is "badly damaged", but I am storing information on it
from around 3 years now. I am only getting a pop up messages that I need to backup my files and change it, but nothing really happens besides this. I am currently using it, too.
- I had some Asus drivers (Suite III) and AMD Catalyst installing issues, but I think it's all fine now.

I will also add a screenshot from BlueScreenView, which is from my last BSOD:

Will check .6 from the instructions post while I am waiting


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Sorry for posting a replay, wouldn't let me edit my post.

I experienced one CACHE_MANAGER BSOD yesterday after trying to move an installation from the failing hard drive to the working one...

I ran MemTest86 for more then 8 hours and went through 7 passes. So I think the RAM must be OK.
Bumping this.

Also I did find the cause of the problem why I can't install games - it was the USB 3 cable of my case and I unplugged it. Now I can install games, I just can't really play them. I am experiencing spikes, BSODs and sometimes, after a 3-4 seconds spike, the game keeps running, but it is somehow running in the background - I hear the sounds of and I can shoot, for an example. This is happening with a few Steam games (CS, TF2 and Warframe) and The Witcher 3.

I know that it's normal to experience spikes with my 2 cores CPU, but I must be able to continue playing after a spike. Most of the times it is dropping me from the game or it looks like it's running in the background, or it shows me a BSOD.

Any ideas what it could be? I will revert my OC to stock and see if it all is normal, then try to a lower OC - 4-4.1Ghz and test it some more. And I will also use some older GPU drivers, because some people say it might be the reason, too.
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