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Im having BSOD problems, of course. I got a BSOD a couple weeks ago, restarted, and it worked fine, i didnt pay it much attention since I very very very rarely get them, and it was fine afterwards

last night while playing a game, it BSOD'd again, i restarted, and immediately after logging in to windows it would BSOD again, and again and again consistently. Booting in safe mode worked for a while, but it would eventually BSOD in safemode as well (though it would take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour compared to almost instantly in regular)

My brother and I did a lot last night, from opening it up and cleaning out all the dust, swapping out RAM (we dont have any spare ram sticks or another computer, but we tried each of the 2gb sticks individually and the computer would still BSOD about the same

Since it started its been all kinds of random, sometimes it will BSOD immediately booting up regularly, sometimes it can go for an hour before something happens, but more often its within a few minutes that it happens. In safe mode, its usually fine for awhile, eventually blue screening, but a couple times it has happened immediately even in safemode. After coming home today it was fine for almost 2 hours, suspecting it was video drivers i went to install ATI display adapter (which i had uninstalled a month or so ago because it was causing some graphical problems in games) and it BSOD'd again during installation with a different error than the other times.

It always flashes to a black screen with some artifacts before the blue screen

The 2 common errors are
irql not less or equal
invalid process attach attempt

However ive also seen:
driver irql not less or equal
a driver has overrun a stack-based buffer
an attempt was made to write to read only memory

Ive tried:
cleaning out the computer and components
swapping out ram
system restore
startup repair (using the vista OS cd)
I was gonna do chkdsk but it bsod'd when i tried to start up in safemode, im currently reinstalling the OS

I dont even know if its hardware or software. The computer is about 2 years old, everything is kept very cool. Checking after a bsod the cpu was like 28c and the graphics card was a bit warm (compared to the rest of the computer, which is cold) but not at all hot or anything

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