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After doing a lot of forum surfing, I have yet to find anything that's worked to get rid of this error. My goal is to get the data off of my drive.. the problem:

I am (not) running XP Pro (not sure what sp.. 3 at one point, but I might have uninstalled it) on a dell poweredge 400sc.

Bios recognizes my hard drive, which is a SATA 400gb (No way to run as a slave with an ATA .. so I've read ..?)

I am getting a BSOD (0x00000050) when booting normally. It flashes for just a quick moment after a few seconds of the XP logo.. then computer restarts.

Computer restarts without showing a BSOD when I try to boot in safe mode.

Computer shows BSOD when plugged into the usb port using a external case. (my other *ATA* hard drive runs windows just fine on this computer) Same thing happens when plugged into a different computer.

Computer shows these errors when I try to use recovery console from my XP CD:


.. I think it's shown the 0x00000050 before.. It's been different almost every time I let the CD load today, but one time it was in OS install mode cause I thought that might help..

I can't seem to get this thing to work. Before this happened my computer was acting really slow; dragging a window around or making selection box on the desktop would make things all skippy and send the cpu to the upper 90s with nothing else running. The BSOD started when I tried to run the SATA as a slave to my ATA.

Am I going to have to send my drive in and pay money for my valuable data? Thank you so much for reading, and for any help you could give me.


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Re: BSOD Stop:0x00000050 Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area

0x50 = invalid memory referenced
0xd0 = kernel attempted to access invalid memory
0xe3 = thread tried to release a resource it did not own
0xd1 = kernel-mode driver attempted to access invalid memory

Test RAM - Run memtest86+ -

Regards. . .


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