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BSOD problems

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Hello new here I am having same issue damn computer is crashing at least 4 times a day and stating eamon.sys is the issue i know a bit about computers but can follow orders like no other lmfao.

I do have eset antivirus 4 installed.

Let me know what i need to do or what program i need to dl to get the info from my system that you need. I am about to pull all my info off and re-install os but god i hate doing that so i am hoping you can help me out.

Thanks a frustrated user

ooh ya i ran regcure it found a bunch of stuff but issue still persists
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Hello Sneaky420

Try uninstalling and reinstalling eset antivirus

Make sure you have a copy of the installation files in a safe place before doing this.

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Will do i have been using eset for over a year no problems.
Quick question i have a external wd 120g passport drive that i think is on its last legs could this device be causing this issue? I have discod it as of today and going to see if it happens today or not.
I don`t think the external drive was causing the problems. You will soon find out though if you have stopped using it :smile:

The file in the error is an eset driver

Thanks I have removed the program and will let you know how it works out :)

Make sure your using the latest version of NOD32, which is Version: 4.2.58.

Using Regcure most likely worsened the issue. Please stay way from third party reg cleaners.

If you got eamon. sys blue screen error then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems.

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