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My specifications:  

[B]OS: [/B]Windows 7 64-bit (OEM)
[B]Age of System: [/B]Was purchased refurbished; been using for 1.5 months 
[B]Age of OS:[/B] Haven't re-installed 
[B]CPU: [/B]AMD Athlon II x3 435 
[B]GPU:[/B] GeForce 9500 GT/ATI Radeon HD 5670 
[B]Motherboard: [/B]MCP61 PSU: Sunbeam 480W
[B]PSU: [/B]480W ([email protected])

Past Issues:

Before I purchased a new CPU, GPU, and RAM, I originally had an AMD Sempron 140 with the power supply listed above along with the GeForce 9500 GT. My system was in perfect condition. I experienced no issues with BSOD's. I decided to purchase A-DATA (2 x 2GB) RAM and popped them in. I experienced BSOD's right at startup (when I see the desktop) and I confirmed that the memory was causing the problem by popping in my old memory stick. I assumed that it was DOA and I purchased new G.Skill (2 x 2GB) memory. I no longer crash at startup.

Current Issues:
As it stands, I am unable to play Starcraft II or Heroes of Newerth without crashing mid-game and getting a BSOD. I have tried to diagnose it in many ways. This is what I have done:

  • Update all drivers
  • Uninstall any conflicting drivers (mainly ATI and NVIDIA drivers)
  • Test the memory using memtest86+
  • Use the system file checker (the one at startup)
  • Use my old GPU (GeForce 9500 GT) instead of the new one (ATI Radeon HD 5670)
I had originally assumed that my BSOD's were caused by the under-powering of my ATI card. It requires at least 30a on the 12v rail and my current PSU only supplies 18a. It also requires at least 400W, while my CPU requires 95W so 400W + 95W = 495W which was a little more than what my PSU could handle. So I figured, "okay, I only crash when I play video games which is probably drawing the maximum amount of power from my PSU, causing me to crash because my PSU can't support it." So, I popped in my old GPU which requires 18a on the 12v rail and 300W of power and tried playing Heroes of Newerth. Sure enough, I crashed again.

At this moment of time, I'm speculating the overheating of my CPU. Here are my temperatures:

Idle: 41C
Load: 61C - 62C
GPU (load): 70'ish C

Keep in mind that all of these components are at most 1 week old and have not accumulated that much dust (which rules out that possibility). I haven't been able to pinpoint the cause of these blue screens. Here are some of the minidumps from my crashes:

The main culprit for this entire problem is "ntskrnl.exe." I've read up on it and people say it relates to some memory issue but I have no clue where to even begin. I've tested my memory and everything and it showed no problems.

Help please!


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