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BSOD, nv4_disp

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i am in agony.

let me explain.
i am using a factory,pre-built laptop, Acer Aspire 5580 that runs Nvidia Geforce Go 7300. I have been using it for a year. A YEAR! then the most unimaginable thing happened to me... my laptop died.. well sort of..
at first i noticed yellow vertical lines about an inch around my cursor, then soon after my laptop freezes. so i rebooted. when it came to the windows logon screen, i got a BSOD!
Wait! theres a bigger problem! when i reboot again, i cannot see anything... my monitor screen is blank. the backlight is on but the screen is blank! :( what can i do? will plugging in an external monitor work? (i doubt so) i cannot go into safe mode to unintall the driver because of this.. is it still possible to repair this problem by myself or do i need to (which i am not willing to) send it off for repair?
ok if all hope fails, can i at least rip off my laptop hard drive and plug it to my other PC via USB? will all my existing files still be readable?
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reinstall your video drivers from safe mode
can you try a monitor connected to the vga port
your video card or chip must be ok or you would not get anything on the monitor
try the drivers from this site
you will have to search for them they block direct links
i would think there is a bad connection either the video or the inverter backlight connections
i don't know that much about laptops
if you are getting the picture on the monitor it sounds like the backlight has gone
if you shine a torch onto the screen can you make out screen
i am not the best with laptops and would think it maybe just a a bad connection
1 - 6 of 13 Posts
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