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BSOD new HPE-310t PC

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System crashed after just over 24 hours of use, brand new out of the box. I am not the pc owner, it belongs to my aunt and uncle, however, I am seeking support on their behalf.

While running a chess game analysis software (Rybka) using 10 cores, an attempt was made to set up the system to use it as a TV through Comcast. In the middle of the process Windows Media Center crashed followed swiftly by a BSOD. Attmepts to restart the computer in any mode (normally, safe mode, system repair) all end with BSOD.

-Windows 7 Pro x64 OEM
-Intel Core i7-980X (130 Watt)
-ATI Radeon HD 5570 2GB FH
-Neptune2 HPE Front I/O w/TV Tuner; w/1394
-Exact power supply unknown, possibly 460 Watt

HP sent recovery discs by mail, the computer attempts to load the first disc and hits BSOD. Followed by repeated impacts on the wall by my forehead.
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Thanks for the tools, I will try and run those later today.

I have no intention of actually opening or messing with the computer at all and will not have them delay in returning the machine (HP has box to ship back in the mail to us). It's kind of an academic exercise for me and perhaps someone with a similar issue may find this through google for their aid.
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