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BSOD, boot drive contents intact but no boot

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My desktop running WinXP Home gets a BSOD each time it tries to start normally, safe mode or last good config. The error code is 0x0000007b (0xB84C3524, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
...and nothing else.

I've managed to boot the system on an old HDD that I hadn't deleted and have recovered all the important files on the problem drive but would like to try restore the system if possible.
All the files on the problem HDD are visible and the drive/partitions are recognised by windows, I just can't boot off that drive/partition!

I've tried using Testdisk and the Boot sectors are indentical, both MFT seem OK but don't match but I can't get into recovery console because setup can't find any drives installed. Running CHKDSK /f from the old HDD on the problem HDD completes without errors. Can't run fixmbr nor fixboot because I can't get into the recovery console.

Anything else I can try?
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I can access them from the old drive and have backed up them onto an external.

I would like to restore as I was very happy with the old install and it will take me many, many hours to get it back to where it was. The drive is a seagate 1TB and seatools for windows doesn't recognise the drive...
Edit: Seatools for DOS reports no errors...
After much searching and messing around with this problem it does appear that there is no way to fix this problem (or one has not been found yet)

this is one of the errors I get: 'The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems' when trying to chkdsk from the recovery console. If I try check the disk from the old HDD it asks to check the drive on restart which runs fine - reports no errors but still get the BSOD when trying to boot from that partition.

If anyone has any ideas they would be appreciated before I start the tedious re-install, for example, could I copy the partition to a new one, delete the old one and set the new one as the boot partition?
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