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BSOD at very beginning of installation

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Hi all...
i'm currently running XP SP2 on a AMD 3800+ dual-core with 2 gigs of RAM 800MHZ.
My mobo is MSI K9NGM (7252).
the thing is when i try to install windows vista or windows 7 i get BSOD at the very beginning of the installation.
In both cases the error No. is 0x000000F4
And in both cases its on the beginning of the installation (on 7 its right after the dots that builds the windows logo and on vista it is right after thr green bar that run from left to right).
I was able to install XP again with no problems at all....
can someone please help me?
Thanks for advance.
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LOL - I just solved this problem for myself today which is very strange that I see this thread.

Go into your BIOS (by directing your attention to this) and go to "Advanced" tab - in there you should see a setting saying "AHCI", make that say "IDE" by pressing enter and selecting "IDE". Reboot. Problem solved.
Hi Undocked Windy, thanks for the response.
Can you please be more specific at what i need to find?
My computer is not a lap-top and i looked everywhere in my BIOS trying to find "AHCI" and didn't find any... :(

Please what do you need to know so you could direct me how to change this?

Thanks again....
Can somebody please help me with this?
i have MSI K9NGM (7252) and my BIOS ver is 3.1
i looked everywhere for AHCI and didn't find any..... :((
Have a look at this thread seems the problem is very persistant
I want to know how can i find the AHCI setting in my BIOS...
No need to direct me to hardware issues if my problem is incorrect BIOS settings... can someone please assist?
Well, you may not even have that option. It was just a idea.
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