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BSOD again

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so im having this problem in a while the blue screen shows up, i turned off the auto reboot to read about the error, and appears that it always shows a different file each time the blue screen shows, the last one happened today the file was klif.sys ive searched and appears that this file is from Kapersky

the errors are like this


but before that error lots of other happened like ,NDIS.sys,usbport.sys

i will attach my logs and the minidump files
my son which is sick use this computer alot and he is pretty sad when he cant play his game and do his homework here i hope you people can help me

Thanks for your atention
i wait for your answer


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Re: Blue Screen of Death

Hello rpglord, Welcome to TSF! :wave:

Please do not post HiJackThis Logs in this forum, as only qualified HJT analysts are permitted to give advice for these.
The HJT Support Forum is here. (click the coloured link.)

Before posting for malware assistance, please try this...
Start the computer from a 'cold' start; continually tap the F8 Key, and select "Last Known Good Configuration" from the list, and allow the computer to reboot.

In the event that the above workaround does not work, and you still believe that it is malware related; start another thread with new logs in the proper forum, or reply with a new thread here in Windows XP Support.

To prevent unauthorised HJT/malware advice, I shall close this thread.

Kind Regards,
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im a brazilian asking for help in here
help me with this :eek: i did everything i could already but this d**** error still happens
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Welcome to TSF....

First thing I would try is getting a new driver for the video card and installing it and if that does not work post back with the results and error message.
i did it already i have the last video drivers of it sometimes the computer just stop and freeze but dont reboot :mad:
you need to copy the error messages and post them in english
video card
power supply

here my pc config
its really odd because appears that the problem only appears in the morning :eek: i can use the computer the whole night without appearing any blue screen :eek: so i was thinking maybe there's some program that starts in the morning in those scheduled porgrams that is giving me the error :S i dont know i really need your help :normal:
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look at the label on the power supply for the brand and the wattage
it needs min output of 18amps on the 12v+ line
reinstall the video drivers
in the device manager uninstall the card
reboot tapping f8 and choose vga mode
when windows finishes rebooting
disable a/virus
install your drivers
reboot the computer

ive already reinstalled the video drivers i think im going to install the omegadriver for nvidia to see if it works be right back thanks for aswering thor and dai
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it's the method of installing the video drivers that is important,if the wrong method is used then you have problems
tempretures and voltages are fine
it's the amp figure we need you can only get that from the label on the psu
ok then i unistalled the drivers of it when i rebooted the blue screen showed again so i installed the drives now lets see if the screen still happens
if it's bsod'ing whilst your rebooting in vga mode it's not the video drivers
what was the bsod messgae you received
if it's bsod'ing whilst your rebooting in vga mode it's not the video drivers
what was the bsod messgae you received
oh no dai i got another different one now its called BAD_POOL_CALLER :( what is it? its something to do with the memory right?
It's likely a driver bug.

Zip & post the contents of c:\windows\minidumps\
ok here you are its in the post thanks for helping me out :pray: i hope i can fix it
i uploaded in mediafire because i dont know how to upload in the post sorry :(
here is the link
you upload by clicking on the go advanced button
then go down to manage attachments and click on that
i did that dai but it uploaded to an old topic mine see
Those files are from 2007 ... is the clock on your machine set correctly?
That said, reference to update your Symantec AV symevent module.
Another one is your video drivers being 3 or 4 years old. Visit nvidia's page to get those updated.
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