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Hey everyone...

I'm hoping this is the right category for this, because I think the BSOD may be CPU related...but obviously I'm not sure, cause I'm on here.

My setup is:

Windows 7
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260
CPU: 4x, 2666 MHz
Delta PSU 500w
Asus CG5290

I recently picked up a pair of S232HL 23" Acer Monitors that replaced my old 20" ones. Never had any problems with them, I just wanted the better resoluton :)

Recently though, I've been having a number of problems with them. See my thread I posted about my monitors: here.

What happens with my computer though, which I've never had happen before, is the BSOD. It will typically happen during gaming or watching movies. And it prompts that a "A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval"

Now that's all spanish to me so to speak, so I'm not sure what it means. I don't overclock my PC at all. Just before the BSOD, my internet connection disconnects/reconnects as well, which is odd. my reason for mentioning the monitors, is because thats the newest hardware that I have installed.

Any ideas?

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My best guess is the dual monitors is just a coincidence. Have you tried using one at a time to determine if they are related to the issues?
The most obvious problem that I see is the underpowered PSU that I assume is the OEM unit.
You should be at 650W minimum with a good quality PSU.
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