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Browser doesn't work when printer is off

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My browser doesn't work unless I turn my printer on. When my printer is off, browsing websites is really slow, and sometimes, it doesn't work at all. Even accessing my C drive takes forever.

I have a HP Photosmart 2610 printer. It's currently connected via ethernet to my wireless DSL router.

I was told I have to update USB drivers in order to remedy this. Is this correct? If so, how do I update USB drivers?

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you can go to the HP website and get the new printer drivers for your printer.
If it's connected by Ethernet, why are you looking for USB drivers?
Ctrl, Alt, Del. Task Manager, look at the Processes tab.

Click the CPU column and it will sort Assending or Desending.

See if there is a HP process using a lot of CPU resources when the printer is off. Compare the resoure when the printer is on. Maybe the HP software is looking for the printer when it is not there? Maybe you should unload the HP software and attempt to re-install. Or you can set up a standard TCP/IP printer port and just use the basic printer driver (it should be the DeskJet 990c?) to see how things play.

You might also disconnect the Ethernet cable to the printer when it is off to see what happens?

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