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Brother laser 2170W nothing but blank pages

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I bought a supposedly functioning printer from ebay. It did not have the toner cartridge but did have the drum. The printer appears to be in very good condition. I bought a new cartridge and installed. The printer does not have any warning lights, appears to print as it should, however all that comes out is blank pages. Test pages don't work either. Even trying to print the printer status directly from the printer only sends out blank pages. The toner appears to be full, I can see the toner on the end of the toner cartridge. What could be causing it not to print?
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If the laser unit is obstructed by dust you can get full blank pages tough usually they will be faint, not blank.

Try cleaning the laser glass unit inside the machine, it is located on the upper portion of the inside of the printer when you take the drum out.
Thanks for the advice. I will do that. Is the laser unit very sensitive or prone to damage in your opinion?
no not really unless you put dead animals or food in the paper tray...

It does require cleaning because of dust, this is easy to clean!
oops. how about almost dead animals? thanks
I have seen dead insects on OPC or other internal parts cause pretty nice looking mosaics on pages before :)

Let me know if the problem is not fixed.
yeah, it's still not working. I'm suspecting it is the drum and going to ask for refund. Thanks for your help.
the drum cannot give you blank pages, It could be a total failure of the laser which cannot be cleaned.

the Drum is a cylinder part that rotates, drum problem will appear at a certain interval on pages like every few inches and it will be a pattern like dots or smudges.
hmmm, that is interesting then. Is there a way to test if it is a laser failure?
It needs to be checked by a technician unfortunately.
Thanks, looks like this thing is going back. One last thing, do you know if the the TN360 cartridge or the generic equivalents have some sort of plastic tab or something that needs to be pulled out before installation? I've checked all over and can't find anything so I assumed not. Just a plastic cover on the front which I removed. the wheel has toner dust on it so I guessed the toner cartridge was probably ok. But thought i would check for sure. thanks
Don't worry qlizard the problem cannot come from the toner directly, you would get faint prints but not blank.
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