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Broken ANTEC TruePower Trio?

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Got home from school, my computer was in sleep mode, woke it up and was just about ready to play something but one last thing~ turn my speakers on and BAM everything shut down not instantly but faded away. turned off all power disconnected the power supply smelt it, smelt normal, not like burnt electronics (I get that all the time in electronics class) checked for any burn spots around or on the components, most worried to see if my motherboard was intact, i hauled out my old power supply 300 W antec and it worked fine but that power supply had been in there for a good month with no problems but the only thing i could think of is that I know with my 8800 GTX and the other things consuming power in my computer it was running at Max most of the time and thats the only thing i can think of, maybe it finally reached its limit? but it was just out of sleep mode so i dont know. :sigh: I don't have a multi-meter or a volt meter at home so i cant test it to see if maybe one of the plugs are shorted out and honestly im not that good at computers but i can manage to plug and unplug things in the right spots.
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650 Watt and i dont know what RMA stands for D:
rma= return to manufacturer authorisation
with the gtx would have prefered to see this in there
I've heard about Corsair, good quality right? the warranty i dont know since i didnt pay but i think its 3 years. any ideas as why it burnt out or died or whatever it did D:

Also the size of that power supply all i have i guess a standard slot that they fit in are all of them the same size? the fan is 140mm where mine right now is 120mm (broke) my old one was 80mm(current), it wasnt a problem so this shouldnt be right?

also since the only store near me is NCIX and i found this on their website it looks the same to me but im not a techincal genius :/
yes it's the same,the antec i think are a 3yr warranty
the gtx would have been pushing it a bit and there have been some problems with some antecs recently that's why i stopped recommending them
Thanks for the help! ;D
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