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brand new machine showing scrambled graphics on startup

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Hi guys,

I posted a thread a week or two back about this but cant seem to find it anywhere on the forums (and yeah, i actually tried to looked hard :) ).

Well, heres the deal. I bought a brand spankin new setup (found here: ) and bought a MSI NX6600GT video card to go with it. I've rigged it all up but when i boot up all i get is scrambled graphics! as soon as the machine switches on. i can kinda make out the Asus Splash screen and then a quick flick to a normal bootup screen, y'know with the little yellow EPA symbol in the top right of the screen -again this is all messed up looking, then it goes to another screen but that is just green/black/white a nd grey blocks of fuzz! (excuse the terminology -its the only way i can explain it :) ).
I've tried a couple of monitors, including a brand new sony one which kinda makes the asus picture a little better but still horrible so im guessing its something todo with the graphics card.

Any ideas? ive been researching around but cant seem to find any whos had a similar problem and im getting desperate to sort it out so i can start installing software.

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make sure everything is seated right and nothing is touching the video card, anything conducts wrong and your video will go insane.
ah! will that include small wires? i think there are some power cables (not the ones used to power 5.25 drives like IDE devices but smallers ones similar to fan cables that connect to boards) that droop down over the card. Cant remember what they're attached to though. They only touch the card slightly - is that enough to scramble the graphics?

I'm pretty sure the card is attached properly though, made sure of that. It's PCIe though and ive not used anything PCIe before -anything new i might have missed? I understand that a lot of cards need to be powered these days but i dont think mine does, there's no attachment for a power cable of any kind.

I hope your right, i dont wanna have to send back any components. :)

and thanks for your reply.
ok, i just tried it again -took out the card, made sure nothing was touching it (wires n stuff) placed it back in as solid as i could, in both PCIe slots (theres two it'll fit into) but no go.

So are we talking about a broken video card then? i really dont want to have to take everything apart again to send it all back to novatech. could it possibly bee anything else?
Do you have any spare cards that you can test with?
only an AGP card, and what a surprise -no AGP slots on the motherboard! :) suppose i'll have to ask around but i dont think anyone i know has a PCIe card of any kind. I suppose thats the next step though ist it. I know its not the monitor and the rest of the system seems to act like it should -must be a video card thing.
You should still have some vanilla PCI slots, though. Check around here and there for a used PCI card just to test.
yeah, the motherboard has three. i'll test some stuff out and lend my 6600 to a mate so he can test the card out on his machine. Until then i'm still without a pc (im living outa my mac :) ).

cheers for your help guys, its much appreciated!
if you upgraded the video card after receiving the probably don't have enough power,if this is the p/s that came with it
Thermaltake Black with 350W Silent PSU
current comps are in the 550w range,you can check your requirements here
based on a quality supply and add 30% to the result
yeah, i thought that that might be the issue. I did however check the cards box which told me i needed a system running a 350W psu (which is what i got) plus the fact that its actually putting out a picture suggested to me that i didnt really need to upgrade the psu (just yet :) ) but maybe your right, i'll check that out too, thanks.

-this is turning expensive!
look in the link posted and and you will see what the ps is
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