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Bought New Ram.

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Hello guys my name is Lazybone and today I bought a new ram module. But right now I'm away from home, so I couldn't try it. Today the person there said that it is better to put a 1gb ram instead of the 2gb one. I bought this ram module :
I just want to ask is it good? Would it work with my computer or with my other branded ram?

My computer spec is:
Dell Dimension 9200
Intel Duo E6300
1Gb ram DDR2 (500mb, 500mb)
eVga Gtx 260
150gb Hard Drive
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Go to and run their memory configuration tool. Let it scan your pc and it will tell you what kind and how much memory you can add
Kingston Value RAM is OK but Crucial is the better choice for OEM PC's to insure compatibility. Mixing RAM brands/specs is always a crapshoot.
lolol I know, someone told me that it would cause problems if I have two different brands of rams. I just checked with the crucial thing. My computer have 4 slots and I can fully upgrade it :T But I'm not sure should I? Well , is 2 gb ram okay? for the comp?
2 Gig is plenty for XP . . Vista and Wiondows 7 will perfrom better with 4. Beware of filling all four memory slots . . many motherboards will not supply enough voltage to all four and cause memory faults
A 2X1GB (or 2X2GB is an option if the Mobo will accept 2GB per slot) matched pair would be the best option.
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