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Hi all,

I bought a flash template a while ago (in 2006) for our dance company's website and recently it started showing some strange search results on google that weren't there before (like a couple of weeks ago).
Before it just said 'undefined' 'undefined' 'undefined' but now the following shows up:
Sorry, this demo for localhost and only.Created by Ilya A. Shlyakovoy, [email protected]

I've looked it up and found a number of websites with similar flash templatery that are showing this too...

does anyone know where this could come from and how to get rid of it?
It's not anywhere in the index.html file or anywhere else...
The only places it could be is either in the flash file (I looked, but can't find) or something is linking from the flashfile to an external source.

I just can't find it...

Otherwise everything seems ok, which leeds me to believe the site isn't hacked (there's no database connected to it, no php, etc.)

Any thoughts as to what this could be????

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