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I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum, if not which one?

The system:
Dell precision M65 2 GB RAM Duo 2327Mhz
Windows xP 5.1.2600 SP3
Symantec firewall and antivirus all updates run when available (windows and virus)

History of the system - no problems.
During a trip, I loaded Ulead software that came with a polaroid camera - it has been loaded successfully on another pc.
Upon returning home the M65 went to the blue screen that said something like "trying to use unexecutable memory.... reboot" during the boot process.
After some trials I found that it would boot in safe mode with command prompt.
Further tests lead me to find it would boot normally when not on the docking port AND not attached to any USB device.
In fact if a USB device was plugged in after the boot sequence it went to the blue screen.
Thinking the Ulead software was the problem I unloaded it (before noting which version) - no change.

? What now? I'd like to backup my data which is what I most often use USB for.
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