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booting up proplem

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The story so far...

I buy a network card (Netgear FA311), plug it in, turn on.

Windows XP didn't quite recognise it (I thought it would be simple). It said it had found a half duplex audio something or other. Anyway this problem has become secondary because upon trying the network card in another port, the computers Power On Self Test makes a noise as follows:

one long beep, two short beeps. (What does this normally signify)

This is accompanied by the monitor no longer receiving a signal.

I have tried removing all PCI cards and the AGP graphics card to see if my normal happy one long beep would come back but it didn't.

Please help, I have broadband internet arriving on the 27th March and If my computer is not working by then, I will have to delay it.

Thanks in Advance

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If you can't find the jumper, if all else fails, try removing the battery for about 10 seconds. It produces the same result.
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