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I'm trying to bring back to life 2 old (10+ years) systems that were strong at their time. Both system were working recently when i tried to boot them on my parents house.

After bringing both of them to my house, I plugged one of them with the power & DVI cables that I use on my main system. I boot it, it worked.

I turned the system off, bring a USB with a disk wipe software and plugged it. Then I reboot it.. Monitor screen stayed black after booting.

More facts about the issue:
  • Afterwards I plugged the cables to the 2nd old pc and screen remained black to that one too.

  • I'm not sure if the monitor was displaying any messages. I think it didn't when plugged and a "check the cables" warning was shown only after unplugging the dvi from the system.

  • Both the cables and the monitor are working perfectly fine with my main PC.

  • Cooling, CPU and GPU fans are working.

  • I removed (and of course re-put in after a while) CMOS and tried again. Didn't work.

  • I tried to plug the DVI cable to all DVI slots, didn't work.

I'm an amateur programmer and this systems are my first attempt to jump into hardware and earn the basic experience for repairing and building. I have the very-basic theory knowledge from high school as it has software/hardware focused. What may be the reason for this problem and what should be my next steps?
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