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Booting DSL? (Damn small linux)

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Hello there,

I have recently got the Damn Small Linux disk and I have never used Linux before.

I booted the computer with the disk, so it would boot from the CD. I got past the boot setup and then two linux penguins appeared on the screen. After about 10 minutes they were still there and the computer didn't seem to be doing anything. I turned it off and restarted and the same thing happened. Should I wait longer for it to do something or what?


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Sometimes it gets as far as this when booting:

VP-IDE IDE controler at PCI slot 0.00 of 1
VP-IDE Chipset revision 7
VP-IDE Will probe irqs later
VP-IDE Unknown VIA southbridge disabling DMA...

When it gets to this point it won't go any further

Does this help?
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It sounds to me like DSL doesn't like your mobo, and chip set. Which version of DSL is this? You might want to try another version and see if that makes a difference. Or you could try Xubuntu. It can be run on a system similar to DSL.

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