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Bootable CD for cpu & memory stress testing

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I have found a great need lately for a method to determine if a computer system is stable without entering an OS

in this fashion we are able to ascertain if a systems CPU and memory are stable and can take maximum load without lock-up

so this bootable CD is a really easy one to use >>>> and it has Everest to monitor temperatures with

the above file is virus clean as IS

then there is this one >>>>> its MUCH larger ......... a multi boot CD ...... you can boot into Hirens Boot CD or Barts PE

from within the Barts PE environment you can access all the tools that are available from within Hirens too

I found this bootable ISO in a torrent ........ this torrent has a back door virus which is found in the Programs folder / simply open the bootable ISO with Magic ISO and delete the ALCMD.exe

I did this and it came up clean , or you can PM me and I will send you a clean copy by mail or post a clean copy of the ISO on rapid share

this ISO is damn impressive though!! :pray: the tools at your disposal are emense

the cpu stress testing program I used within here is

S&M stress test and PC wizard or Everest to monitor your temps as your stressing

works wonders !! now I am able to prove to stubborn customers the computer is stable, even when they perform botched driver installs or windows file problems as well as the ohhhhh so common / flaky game a user wants to run >>>>>

I am now able to prove the machine is stable during 100% workload

now if they want to "fix" windows or their drivers or their game patches >>>> they have to pay the ferry man! :laugh:

anyone that needs help or wants a bootable CD by mail >>>> just holler

there are several anti virus scanners as well as adware and mcaffe stinger in this bootable CD >>>>> there is no better way to clean a hard drive than from outside of windows, then the virus or trojan isnt "loaded" and morphing

best regards

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