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boot up problem

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I was told my vid card was bad ....but it was running great!
I have a amd 2000 on a Msi K7n2 Delta2 Platinum mobo 1 gig 3200 corsair
9600 pro agp vid card every thing ran great ....i put a Amd 3000 400 fsb processor in it and now after i shut down .... i have to turn on machine shut it down flip the switch on back on power supp (Sparkle 350)
turn on computer and purge the power then turn on power supp and start computer what a hassle.
if i just try to restart it will just sit there and 2 leds on my memory will light up but wont start boot sequence... it wont start unless i purge all power

could it be my power supply?


Cpu :Amd 3000
Mobo :Msi K7N2 Delta2 Platinum
vid :Ati 9600
mem :Corsair 3200 2x 512
power:Sparkle 350 watt
OS :win xp pro sp2
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