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hi all
i need help
trying to fix up a friends computer
had a lot of virus's so hook it up to mine using an external HD case and formatted it and now its clean
i need to know how to install an OS on it to get it to boot inside his computer
i have his tower right here beside me and mine which im on right now (and running perfectly)

my buddies specs in his tower are
the hard drive is a western digital 20 GB, he has a pentium 4 1.5 Ghz and 128 MB with Nvidia 64 MB for graphics

again i connected his hard drive to mine using an external hard drive case my pc picks it up, i right clicked and did a format on his
put it back in his machine, his pc turns on, but it wont load past the bios, it will just show a little line flickering in the top left corner

how do i install a copy of windows on his
i have a copy of XP and 2000 on cd
i think what i need to do is install DOS on his pc so i can run the setup.exe for windows from his hard drive in his tower? i didnt think 2000 or XP use DOS or even how i could get it, i know i have a cd with DOS 6.2 i think was the last one? not sure

but any help i can get here would be appreciated

just been trying for a few hours and need some help

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With a 128MB memory I wouldn't even attempt XP.
Even 2000 will run slow on it.

Both the XP and 2000 CD's are bootable.
You need to go to the BIOS setup and set the first boot device
to CDROM,insert the CD and boot to the CD to start setup.

If the computer is not capable of booting to the CD,you will need to
download the boot floppies.
You can find them at
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