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boot problems

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hi guys and gal's im in need of some help installing my old harddrive into my new computer. u see i just bought a new pent 4, asus motherboard, tower floppy, drive, ram, and i was gonna put the bits from my old computer into my new on so i can finally have a fast machine ( this comp souldnt struggle with pacman 2d this time lol fingers crossed)

but then promblems start to come up, i knew it wouldnt be as simple as puting the new gear in and it majically configures itself to work my stuff... but its gone into c-mos, settings to fix the problem... i am a major newb in this area... so i need ur help

the components i want to place into the new comp from the old are a tosiba dvd-rw cd rom drive, and a nvidia fx 5200 pci graphics card. this all it needs, the main goal is to get it all working buy a new nvidia better graphics card and spend many hours of precoius sleep time shooting poeple on battle field 2 ...

anyway i put the old components in and it says please insert a bootable media device or something? i didnt no what this was at first i assumed it was already on my hard drive. however i got a floppy disk and used windows xp to make it into a c-mos boot thingy. i then put it in and then it said I/O disk power failure ...??.. the what the who, where??? in english plz??.. it says something like that i carnt be botherd to take all the stuff out this comp and put it in new one agian just to write down the exact error message, unless u guys need it to fix my comp ,,, then i will
it says something about floppy disk error.. thats the main jist of it...

i am major stuck now why wont it work??? it works on old motherboard
i have the boot floppy so wots wrong with it now??? god these modern pc's moan a bit before they power on dont they lol...


scanning IDE drives
no drive attached to fastrak controller. bois is not installed.

reboot and select a proper boot device or insert media in selected boot device and press any key

disk I/O error
replace the disk, and then press any key

microsoft windows millenium copy write microsoft corp 1981- 1999


what do i need to do ? whow do i install drive to fastrak contoller?
microsoft windows

THANK YOU FOR READING THIS sorry it was a bit long but it was a complicated issue.
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First of all, if you took the old drive from another computer and put it in this one without reformatting and loading windows, it more than likely will not work without a clean install. That is what I would suggest, start from scratch.

On the searching thing, you need to go into the BIOS setup menu and TURN OFF the raid feature. Since I don't know which motherboard you have, can't tell you what it says (and then I might not know), but if is says RAID enabled, turn it to Disabled. That will stop the search for what is not there.
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