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I recently purchased a refurbished ATI Radeon 7000 as a secondary card for my system. I already had an ATI Radeon x300 in my PCIe port, but my particular model only had support for one monitor. I had recently aquired an LCD screen and didn't want to give up my 1600x1200 monitor.

So when I installed the second card, it worked for a while, but then once when I rebooted, the windows loading hung early on. Safe mode still ran. I couldn't figure out what was wrong and ended up reinstalling my OS. This only made the situation worse and now even Safe Mode wouldn't run. (luckily I had the sense to back up all my data to my bro's comp)

After reinstalling several times, I still had the same problem and gateway issued me a new hard drive, thinking it was a hard drive error.

Later, while working on my bro's computer, he asked me about installing the 7000 in his computer so I could work and he could watch video at the same time. When I installed it in his computer, it gave the same symptoms (his computer is identical). So I removed the video card and (thank god) it booted normally.

This gave me the idea of removing everything from my computer. I had already tried it without my 7000, but this time I removed my x300 also. My computer booted just fine.

After restoring my files, I tried putting my x300 back in. It had never given me problems before. It showed the same symptoms, so I removed it and it worked.

Now I'm using my onboard graphics. Any help would be appreciated.

My working system:
Gateway 503GR
Intel Ausburg Mobo
3.0 Ghz Prescott P4
Intel 915G Chipset
1Gb PC3200 RAM

Problem Components:
ATI Radeon x300
ATI Radeon 7000 (Refurbished)
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