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Hey Folks!
I just assembled a new CPU, motherboard, 16gb more RAM and 1 rocket NVMe to my existing setup.
Specs are as follows;
  • i7-9700k
  • GTX 1070
  • 16gb GSKILL DDR4
  • 16gb HyperX DDR4
  • 250gb SSD (where Windows was)
  • Nvme Rocket 1TB M.2 SSD
  • 1 TB WD HDD
  • 500gb HHD
My Windows installation was on my 250GB SSD. I use the HDDs for games and file storage. The NVMe was fresh installed and not used.

I can get into BIOS and play around within it, no problem. Everything was fine until today. I bought a Windows 10 Home key and asked for support on how to activate it. I was told to download a Windows ISO from the Ms website, it was taking too long so I cancelled it. After that my computer crashed and I was met with the BSOD infinite loop.

I got met with a BSOD boot loop. I removed all the hardware and reset the Cmos a couple of times. Eventually I was able to install a functioning version of Windows to my brand new NVMe drive. But as soon as I try to boot up with any disks other than the nvme it spirals again into the error.

When I try to get to install Windows, from USB drive with the creation tool. I’ve used this Windows USB for a long time and has no issues. When the Installer starts to load (spinning dots), it BSODs and I get System Thread Exception Not Handled.
This happens before the Windows Installer even boots.
What I’ve tried:
  • No GPU
  • Remove RAM
  • No SSD, no HDDs
  • Different boot order
  • Reinstall windows to the NVMe
Any idea on what the heck is going on here?! I think all my disks are corrupt but I would like to fix the problem or be able to wipe them at least so I can use them and start fresh.

Hopefully, if someone else is having the same problem, or knows how to fix this please let me know!
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