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well, i decided to put Damn small linux on my computer, . .
then i wiped the hard drive with DBAN. and went about my way installing DSL.
not sure exactly what happend after that, but when it starts up normally, it says it :
cannot detect disk drive 0
cannot detect disk drive 1

then it says hit F1 to continue Hit F2 to go to setup options,

when i hit F1 it takes me to some german *** disk partitioner,
and if i hit F2 it goes to bios.
but the bios boot list is all messed up,
idk *** happend to it, but there is no boot from cd drive option . the only options are PXEand A: floppy drive

im bout to drop the ***** off the roof if someone cannot help me soon. :upset::upset::upset::upset::mad::upset::upset::upset:

P.S. - i have a dell optiplex GX1 with bios version A10.

im seriously at a loss, if anyone could help. you'll be my hero of the day.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.