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I’m looking for an app / tool that enables me to synchronise my bookmarks between browsers and devices.

I’ve tried a few recommendations such as EverSync, which looks like it should do what I want, except it doesn’t initialise on my android phone. I’ve contacted the developer for support.

I’ve also tried XBrowserSync, however this just seems to bring up a list of my bookmarks within the app.

What I’d like, is my bookmarks and toolbar to be syncronised/backed up to a ‘cloud’ service, then a browser add-on downloads/syncs the bookmarks to the native browser internal bookmark menus.

This should be across both Windows and Android. Although I primarily use Firefox, It would be good to be multi-browser compatible in case I use a device without Firefox (hence why I’m not using the built in Firefox Sync).

As I said, I think EverSync is the closest thing I can find that might do this, except it doesn’t work on my Android phone, and XbrowserSync doesn’t really do what I want – it just lists all my bookmarks in the app, and doesn’t download them to the native browser bookmark menus. Other solutions I’ve found just sync to a webpage, which I don’t really want. Finally ideally it should be free, or very low cost.

Would appreciate any recommendations
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