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Blue screen nightmare

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My son has a Toshiba satellite L40-18z laptop Vista home premium and is having problems with it. The other day when he turned it on it wouldn't start up and came up with a blue screen error UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME.
It gives you the option of pressing F8 to select different options like safe mode and repair your computer etc, but none of them work and just freeze before giving a black screen. When you select safe mode it always looks as if it's starting up but always stops at "Windows\system32\drivers\disk.sys when trying to load files.

Has anyone any idea of anything i can try to get it working again or any advice on parts etc i may need.

Cheers :sigh:
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Hi Andrew

Thanks for replying. How do i get the code you were talking about.
turn off the auto reboot
control panel /system/advanced/startup and recovery settings
then untick the auto reboot box
post any bsod error messages the computer freezes on in full


usually means it cannot find the h/drive

d/load and run the h/drive makers diagnostic utility on the h/drive

use the hatachi one
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Hi Thanks for your reply

I tried what you suggested with a recovery disk but it tries to load the files needed then just freezes.
What i did try was try and see if it loads up WITHOUT a hard drive in the machine and it does start loading and asks if you want to install, but obviously doesn't find a hard disk to install Windows on to.
Would this suggest a hard disk failure as nothing in the dvd drive loads when hard drive is in laptop.

Sorry if i tried something stupid but my young son is desperate to get laptop working and none of the other suggested advice worked.


ps: hi Dai, why would i use the Hitachi diagnostic stuff when it's a Fujitsu drive in the machine? Cheers
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usually point to hatachi because it works on most drives and laptop posters rarely know what brand of drive is in the laptop
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