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Hello everyone I am haveing major problems with my computer. First let me give out my specs.

Windows XP Home SP2
Ati Radeon 9250 128MB AGP
Gigabyte GA 7-VTXE With Dual Bios
Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
256MB DDR ram (just one stick)
AMD XP 1600+

Okay and first off i have updated every driver for this system that is up to date and also my motherboard bios too.

Every game I play... about 10mins or so into the game... it will crash to the desktop.. sims 2, doom 3, gta 3, max payne 2, etc. EVERY game will crash to the desktop and i cannot figure out why its doing this... i did a memory test from my floppy A:\ drive and i let that run straght for a couple of days and there were no errors at all! and plus i bought this single ram stick a few months ago so i'm not surprised cause its not old or anything... also i thought it could be thats its over heating... the CPU was at 50C and thats pretty hot so i took out the heatsink and fan and it was was REALLY dusty... i built this computer a few years back so i wasn't all that surprised but i cleaned it out REAL good... no more dust bunnies... so now my CPU is at about 30C.. which is good

when i cleaned it out... things were starting to work a lot better! it got past the 10mins and i thought that solved the problem.. oh and btw i re-installed windows after i did this.. just to be on the safe side that it would work... and its the latest version that comes with SP2... so i had all the updated drivers saved on my USB mini-hard drive and updated it back again bios and all... so after about 20 or so mins of playing gta 3 it crashed on me! same with silent hill 3 and sims 2.. it went on longer... but it still would crash to desk top! grrrr... and also if i have soemthing plugged into the USB... like a game controller... it will cause the computer to shut down and give me an 0x0000008E stop error code! before it would do that as soon as i plugged in the USB... now it does it after like 30mins or so of the USB plugged in!

what could be causeing this!?!?! it sounds so much like a memory or ram error but its not! i tested my ram... and also i did a disk scan on my hard drive and it took about 4 plus hours to do and it came back with no errors at all! what could be causeing this!? i even booted the computer with my backup bios and still i get the same thing... its very fustrating and i have no idea what it could be! sorry about the long long post but if anyone out there can help i would really apreciate it a lot! thanks!
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