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Blue Screen Error!? New Pc! ><!!

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Cant install windows or use any HDD o_o"

hey guys, just sign up.

im having a HUGE problem which might be small though i not sure whats going on.

I bought a Gigabyte GA-M68SM-S2L Motherboard and AMD Athlon X2 4600+ CPU.
i plug in a new 120GB Sata HDD and a dvd-rom with Window XP cd inside.
Everyhting look fine so i run boot from disk. and then it start loadin the files and sort.. but after wen it say loadin window set-up etc.. it turn into blue screen. so not quite sure what going on so i return the motherboard for a replacement assumin its the motherboard after testin other HDD though no HDD would work. i formatted and install new windows on my other pc and it was fine then i go to put the HDD in the "replaced" motherboard and yet it wont boot up sayin BOOT Disk Failure !! gettin frustrated and it still wont boot into set up or anything.

and with the blue screen i receive this code error:
0x0000007b (0xF953524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

and apparently it something like a Hard Drive controller error.. which im not sure what going on. its my first time recevin this error code ><! would it possibly be the CPU? but CPU wouldnt specifically give blue screen error base on HDD would it?

Please help. Need help really bad ><!! anyone who experience with this or had familair problem please help or even own these motherboard or cpu. really want to try this new PC ><!!!
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make sure your hard drive is set to master and not slave. you do this by setting the jumpers on the end of the hard drive.2nd make sure all your cables are connected properly. good luck
yeah every connected properly. the furthest i got going is to start windows normally, last known good configuration etc.. and after that it blue screen for split second and auto reset.. =//..

somebody help ><!
if someone might even have the slightest information or can point me in some direction? or else im force to buy core 2 duo and waste more cash =//

be great appreciation if somebody even has some ideas

you cannot install on one computer and move the drive over and expect it run
xp does not recognise sata drives unless you set them as ide in the bios and lod any required drivers with f6 when it asks during the inicial install
the inicial load of drivers you see is being loaded into ram
on the first reboot it hands over to the hard drive and if you have not loaded the drivers
7b cannot find the hard drive
check the m/b manual for drivers and settings
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