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Blue screen after installing windows xp

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Hi hope you can help. Installed new hard drive,then installed windows xp it installed fine every thing was fine then i shut down pc . The next day i turned it back on and i get a blue screen. Any help would be greatly apprecieated. Thanks in advance Ted :4-dontkno
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Follow this:

Do you have all the updated drivers?
Update them to the ones that are latest for your devices.

In order to get details please do the following:

Go to start | search (type in) .dmp
Note the location of your .dmp files.
If there are no .dmp files then Search for: minidump
Remember this location and the path that leads to it.

(OR my way is Goto C:\WINDOWS and then search for Minidump and if it has files in it)


1) Download and install the Debugging Tool from Microsoft

All you need do is download and install this. Make no attempt to start or run it.

2) Download and install this debugwiz

This is a DOS based batch file that will command the above Microsoft Tools.

3) Open the Wiz & Browse to, or paste in the path to, your .dmp file.

4) After the Wiz creates a Text document attach it back to this thread.
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