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Blue Lines and Blue Screens

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I just upgraded to Vista32 sp2 and while it was installing, my graphics card seems to have crapped out on me (I am 85% sure that the two things are unrelated).

When I got to the boot screen, several vertical blue lines appeared. Before I could wrap my mind around what I was looking at, I got a blue screen of death and my computer rebooted. After several attempts at restoring my system while in safe mode, I decided to simply uninstall my video card driver.

This seemed to allow me past the blue screen of death and access windows normally. I am not sure whether or not windows is using my motherboard for graphics or my graphics card w/o drivers.

I then tried to reinstall the drivers and ran into the blue lines and blue screens again.

I have a Sony Vaio laptop VGN-FZ260E
Nvidia Geforce 8400M GT
Vista32 sp2
The driver is the one that originally came with the computer dated 10/2007 (Sony for some reason does not allow me to update it )

Can anyone please help me with a solution that does not involve getting a new computer (i hear replacing the graphics card on a laptop is a good way to lose money)

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I have tried many times to update the driver directly. The Nvidia updates do not detect my hardware. Upon further investigation, it seems like Sony has made it so they are the only ones that can give me driver updates, and they haven't since 10/2007
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