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Blog Website while im in Iraq

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Im looking to make a blog website for myself to post updates on my time in iraq. Im leaving in the summer some time. I basicly want this so i can stay in touch with my family. so i can post pictures and videos and the like for them while im gone. Can anyone give me some help. Ive bought the domain name from i just need help designing the website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. Did i mention im a half-wit when it comes to web-design?
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@ JMody: You have two choices on this one: 1) redirect or 2) design the website yourself.

The first is to open a blog on the internet. On your homepage you then place a redirect to your blog. This will save you time and effort (taking in account your ps). 2) The first thing you need to do is to look around on the net to get ideas how you would like your blog to look like and to make a design on paper.

Anyway, I can not suggest a possible blog since I have no experience in this. I think in your circumstances 1) will be easiest solution.

PS It also depends on your experiece with HTML/CSS
I just want something really simple. Something that will allow me to post videos and also to post blogs. I have a basic knowledge of HTML. Mainly stuff I have learned from the w3 tutorials. I like the idea of a re-direct how ever i would like to keep the stuff on the original .com i purchased as it is my name.
My mind just went blank, hold one a sec...

Oh, ok! Does your host support PHP? I have a basic blog system on mine that uses software called Simple PHP Blog. No need for a database or any special setup. Configuration is all web-based and takes just minutes to install and prep.
The only thing i did was reserve the site through

I have no clue as to what they do or do not support.
GoDaddy also has hosting services, which I think include PHP support. You'll need some sort of host to go with your URL.
You talking spanish to me bro!
That's what 10+ years of living in San Antonio does to ya!

Ok, the host is a company that provides you with the server space necessary to run a website. PHP is a language used by modern sites that allows for dynamic content that can be easily changed based on presets.

The URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, is your website's address. For instance, my personal website's URL is (down until my connection comes back up). The company I bought my URL from allows me to redirect to my own personal webserver that lives in my bedroom.
A server is nothing special right? Just a computer that is left on 24-7?

If a friend of mine lets me use his DNS(?) Thats is basicly the same thing?
It is, but there's a little more to it. The computer needs to have the software to act as a webserver. If you just plug in a normal PC and ask for data from it, you won't get much. Server software, like Apache, takes those requests and fulfills them as needed.

If you friend has a webserver I'd ask him if he'd be willing to help ya out.
he said he would, for a small monthly fee. So I figured thats what i will do.

Thanks for all the help!
Good to hear! If you have any further questions please feel free to come visit again. Keep yourself safe over there as well!
Thanks, I appreciate it. Got another thread going if your interested. ;)
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