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Blank Screen

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For starters, here's my specs:

Motherboard - ATI31 Fusion
CPU - AMD Athlon XP 1800+
RAM - 256 PC2100 DDR
Graphics - On Board Radeon
Sound - On Board
Hard Drive - Maxtor 30 GB

I recently bought the above motherboard and processor on Ebay to upgrade my old P2 400. A friend was home for the weekend from college and he's majoring in computer engineering so this project was right up his alley. After about an hour, we got it all together. I went home to try it out and shure enough, the monitor didn't come on. I did some thinking. I remembered how picky Athlons are about RAM so I changed the FSB from 266 to 200. (bleh, Staples brand RAM) It worked. The monitor came on and and set up everything in the BIOS. I reformated my hard drive just to make sure everything would go smoothly. It popped in my XP cd and it started installing. I went in the other room for a minute and when I came back, I got a nice big black screen. I thought it froze, so I restarted. Well, nothing came up at all. The because I was paranoid, I put the FSB back to 266. No go. All the lights on the computer are on, and the monitor didn't go out, but it, the keyboard, and the mouse lights don't come on at all. I'm about to just spend some dough and let someone that knows what they're doing fix it. Any thoughts before I do?
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Sounds like the wonderful APCI "bug" XP has ... if you're BIOS isn't set to accept ACPI then XP will just go black on you ... something to do with the hardware abstraction layer. I'd double check your BIOS, assuming you can get into it at all.. you might try re-setting the CMOS and start from there.

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