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CPU: AMD Athlon™ XP 2400+ Processor (2.000GHz) with QuantiSpeed™ architecture
Operating System: Genuine Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition
Chipset: VIA KM 266
Memory: 256MB DDR (PC 2100)
Hard Drive: 60GB HDD
Optical Drive: 48 × 16x40x Max. CD-RW Drive; 16x Max. DVD Drive; 3.5" 1.44MB FDD
Video: S3 ProSavage8™ integrated (1 AGP slot available for upgrade)
Sound: AC '97 Audio
Network: 10/100Mbps built-in Ethernet
Modem: 56K ITU v.92-ready Fax/Modem
Peripherals: Office Multi-Media Keyboard, 2-Button Wheel Mouse, Amplified Speakers
Ports/Other: 6 USB 2.0 ports (2 on front), 1 Serial, 1 Parallel, 2 PS/2, Microphone-In & Head Phone jack on front, Audio-In & Out, 3 PCI slots (2 available)
Dimensions: 7.25"W x 14.125"H x 16"D

I have an emachine 2400+ athlon . it is 3 years old. I am running windows XP
I think the video card it came with is 3d generic.

My problem: yesterday i noticed that my desktop picture was garbled and dark, hard to make out. I checked my settings in display and they were the same as always 1074x768 I think i had it set on 16 color...anyways has always worked there. I tried updating the driver for video and that didnt work so i rolled back the driver. I finally decided to use my restore cd to reinstall the original video driver. I put it in went to video folder, found setup for the driver it installed and told me to reboot computer. I now have a black screen. I cannot get to bios and even if i did i couldnt see it. I tried the restore and rebooted...screen still black...never saw anything saying anything. I hooked my monitor to my daughters laptop and my monitor worked but it was very dark. I tried to adjust the brightness but the but the brightness box was black. Also before it went out on my computer i pushed the OCD on my monitor to try to adjust setting but all the boxes were just black.No bios splash, nothing, but everything is loading like usual cause i can hear the fans, see the lights even hear the little windows logon logoff music. any ideas would be appreciated. Maybe its the monitor???or video card??? or computer????
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