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Black Screen, But With Mouse Active

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Problem description: Something is up with my display drivers, or video card itself, or something I don't really know. I start up my computer, and it is normal for about two minutes, and then the screen goes black. BUT NOT TOTALLY BLACK. What happens is this: I can't see the screen, but I CAN see the mouse. The mouse CAN click on things, the entire desktop is still there, and if I know where to click I can still do things, but I can't see anything. The keyboard still functions as does the mouse, but I can't see anything except the mouse cursor. I can work fine in safe mode, but in normal mode, the problem arises.

Attempted fixes: Tried screwing with my drivers and reinstalling DirectX, no dice. Beyond that I'm really at a loss. I've seen nothing like this before. I was about to nuke and reinstall when I thought I might ask the internet for help.


Operating system: Windows Media Center 2003 edition.

System specs: Pentium D 820, 1GB RAM, 512MB ATI Radeon 1650 Pro, 320GB hard drive

Help me, you're my only hope
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Welcome To TSF.

Did this happen after you did the Windows Updates on your Graphics Card?
tap f8 when booting and from the boot options try
last known good configuration
Try another monitor or try your monitor on another computer
I dont want to over rule both of you as you are the hardware team.

I had the same problem when i finished the windows updates for my graphics card (Nvidia) and all i got was a black screen with the mouse. to resolve this i had to re-install my Graphics card from the origonal installation and not do the windows updates on it.
it pays to obtain graphics updates from the manufacturer and not from windows update
I found that one out the hard way :laugh:

My previous post - I dont not want to over rule any of you, or judge you in anyway, I just know this after my problem.

I am sorry if it has caused any kind of an issue.
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