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Black screen any ideas?

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I was using my computer a few nights ago, everything was going fine, was just listening to music as a matter of fact. turned it off, no problems there. the next morning i went to turn it on and low and behold, a black screen of nothing. The computer runs, with speakers on i can hear windows load up, everything seems to work fine, even the graphics card seems to be getting power as the fan on it is still running. its just the monitor isnt getting any signal anymore.

I checked the monitor in another computer and its working fine. I have to use DVI-VGA adapter for my graphics card and monitor, so i tried a different adapter, but still nothing. i tried removing the card from the PC-E slot and replacing it, but still nothing. havent unplugged it yet from the PSU because its a major pain to unplug or plug this one in, im always afraid of breaking the dang thing.

So my question is, in your opinion is it just plain dead, or is it something else that would cause this?

In any case, ive heard somewhere that it might just be that the card isnt switching to the right mode for the DVI-VGA or something, but that didnt make sense to me because i didnt think the card had any idea whether it was connected to DVI connection or a DVI-VGA adapter, i was sure it just sent the signal and the converter did all the work, if you know what i mean.

My personal thoughts were
A) the Mainboard isnt sending signal anymore to the PCI-E slot, so even though the card is running, the card isnt getting anything.
B) that maybe my PSU is faulty (i have my suspicions about it anyways) and its just sending enough power to get the fan going but not to send signal from the card or something?

I dont think either are plausible scenarios really. but its the only things i can think of besides the Card being just plain dead.

So any ideas? right now im just banging my head trying to find a decent price on a graphics card to replace this one, since that seems to be my only recourse. only two options i can find still in production are the hd 3650 and the HD 3850.

The card in question is a Sapphire Radeon X1800 GTO, the Main board is a ASUS A8N-E, and im running a thermaltake 430W PSU.
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Have you tried to use the vid, card in a different unit?
my laptop computer also have the same problems,the screen is black but still have power.what solutions possibly make?
wont have the chance until possibly tomorrow to test the unit in another computer.
okay, im gonna have the card tested today, but In the mean time because im a bit anxious to get my computer working again i went ahead and ordered a radeon HD 3850 as a replacement. If I end up testing the card and it comes out working okay, i figure the worst that will happen is ill have to return the card, and then start the horrendous task of trying to replace either the Mainboard or the PSU.

Just out of curiosity, do you guys think an HD 3850 should run okay with my current power supply? its a good unit, a Thermaltake TR2 430 watt, and every wattage calculator ive found online would suggest ill be within my means at peak load, even though ill be cutting it a bit closer than before. ive got 2 hard drives (soon to be just one SATA) one dvd writer, 2 case fans. one small cathode light. nothing too extravagent. even at 20% over rating my peak wattage it doesnt even hit 400, so im guessing ill be fine. well find out i guess hehe.

let you guys know how the test goes.
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