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Black Screen After Windows 7 Logo?

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So, my girlfriends laptop takes AGES to boot, but it boots fine in safe mode, which rules out the possibility of the HDD failing. It goes to the Windows logo, then goes black, the mouse works fine - you can see it moving about but it doesn't go further than that, no sounds are made etc..

Things I've tried:

-bootrec.exe /fixmbr & /fixboot
-last known config
-tons of spyware/malware removal etc
-sifted through the Windows folder for any weird/unrecognizable files
-turned almost everything off in the msconfig startup tab

I reallllly want to avoid re-formatting but if that's the only option left then it'll have to be done!

Anything else I can try?

Thanks! :smile:
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What make and model is her laptop?
Are all the drivers up to date. Check in Device Manager for warnings.
What OS is your girlfriends computer running?
Have you tried disabling all items in msconfig?
I kept the things like the touchpad driver on, thats the only one enabled.

It's Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit, and a Samsung R505.

Device manager shows all devices as fine and up to date.

Nothing new has been added software/hardware wise in ages!
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