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Hi all,

After welcome login screen win 10 the screen is blank (it also takes much longer than usual to startup).

I can't seem to get properly to start explorer. I can only see task manager. I can't go into Safe Mode either (same black screen). I can only go to Safe Mode with CMD and after I exit cmd its all black.

Could it be a GPU driver issue? How would I uninstall it? I can't enter or see anything. I can still open file explorer but nothing runs. Can't start cmd from windows.

Tried sfc, system restore (error), system startup repair....

Please help
Thank you.

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You might try repair Windows 10 first. To do this you need to "upgrade" Windows -- I know, sounds weird --, using the same edition of Windows that's already installed. This "upgrade" requires Windows 10 installation media, which you can obtain using Microsoft's free Media Creation Tool.

Download the correct Windows 10 ISO and then double-click it to mount it as a virtual drive. (Or if you prefer, you can create a bootable USB flash drive, open that removable drive in File Explorer and double-click "Setup" to begin the process).

When it asks if you want to download updates, recommend selecting "Yes" to avoid potential problems.

When prompted what you want to keep --[Important]-- choose "Keep personal files and apps".

Now simply follow the prompts to finish setup.

After a couple restarts, you'll have a refreshed installation of Windows 10, with your programs, apps, and settings all intact.

-- > Recovery options in Windows 10

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In the Task Manager, go to File/New Task (Run) type Explorer.exe and press Enter. If that works press the Windows key +X and choose Device Manager. Expand Display. Right click your Video Driver (GPU) and choose Uninstall. Restart in Normal Mode. Windows should load the Default Microsoft Video driver.
If all that fails, then, as stated, try a Repair Install
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