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black and white tv output problem

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having searched the forums i found another guy having a similar problem and it seems it was a cable issue that was the cause.

im running a radeon 9000, with a s-video to scart lead going from the pc into the television., and can only get a black and white picture

having a closer look at the pin configurations on the cable and on the back of the card, it seems there are fewer pins on the cable than there are holes on the gfx card. although it fits perfectly, i suspect this is the problem.

logical i spose ?

well anyway, my question is, what are the different types of s-video cable ? as my gfx card clearly states *s-video* above the socket, and the cable has the same written on it. :4-dontkno

anybody know the correct name of the cable i should be using to do this job ?

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ok, after some research, it seems that the cable isnt the problem - the reason being that all mini din plug sockets (the ones on the back of the gfx card) are generic, and the cables used for each job, use a different amount of pins depending on what job it is they are going to be doing.

ie, the s video cable only needs 4 pins to transfer the video from pc to tv, therefore only 4 pins are included on the cable, rather than then full 9 or 10 on the actual socket.

so, can anybody give me some advice as to why i can only achieve black and white picture ?

all the ATI settings are set for United Kingdom ( PAL I ) and all the other settings look right too, although i have played around with them to try and make it work, to no avail.

please help... :4-dontkno

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sort it, read vehemence thread i explained what i did.

pretty simple really in the end :ponder:
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