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Bizarre compaq shutdowns

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I use, among other things, an old compaq 5003US, specs:
PIII 933
128MB memory
145W ( :(, it's a OEM) power supply.

It runs WinXP. Every so often--getting more frequently, too--the computer suddenly turns off and either stays off and has to be turned off or restarts--about same of both. I'm thinking flaky supply, but not sure--does anyone else have another opinion?

If it is, does anyone know if standard ATX supplies are compatible with Compaqs? I know Dell uses propreitary, so I'm not sure.
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Check your power supply fan. It sounds like heat related shutdowns. Make sure you feel air flow out of the power supply.

Also check to make sure the cpu fan is not covered in dust or siezed up.
yes the fans are working and all... I don't think its heat, I think the power supply is just giving out---it's a really old comp. My questions still stand.
145 watt sounds like it's the bottom end even for an older system like that.
Some Compaq systems used standard P/S configurations, some didn't. You'll have to look at your particular machine to know...
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