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I have been using Bitdefender for the last year. Unfortunately, I don't have time to provide the details until this weekend. But here is the short version.

I used the Total Security Package, it worked very well but the firewall portion lacks an important feature, or at least I have not found it anywhere. It lacks the ability to create and maintain a custom blocklist. This is very important to me, and as a result I have disabled that functionality and use Outpost Firewall Pro. I have been in contact with them on this but we will have to see.

Customer service has been very good in the past. But here lately something has gone terribly wrong. I have not received any response on a series of issues for nearly a whole month now. I think it will be a whole month come this weekend. I have made numerous attempts to contact them during this time and I am getting automated confirmations with assigned tracking ticket numbers. So far absolutely no response beyond the automated messages despite a promise to contact me within 48 hours.

To be fair, there might be a perfectly good explanation for this, so I am trying to keep my cool. I have checked my own system to see if the e-mails to me are getting misdirected -- marked as spam or what not -- but I have found nothing that should be causing any such problems. I have sent my phone number and asked them to call me. Actually they already had that information. But maybe they needed me to actually ask them?

I am willing to post the e-mails I have sent to help clarify these problems. I think they would be of benefit to you, but you should keep in mind that the problems I am encountering might not be a good representation of the average user's experience. What is happening now is hopefully just a weird anomaly. As I said before, my prior experiences have been quite satisfactory. The e-mails do include a critique of some of the functionality which may be of interest also. If you desire the information I can either e-mail you directly or go ahead and post them here. I am not sure which would be best.

I think I have started rambling, better bring this to a close. The bottom line is that right now something is definitely wrong. Let me know if you want the e-mail copies or more information.


Miles Webster
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