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BioStar p4900m4 Problem...

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Hey Everyone, I'm new to this forum... I recently purchased this set up

BioStar p4900m4
4gb GSkill PC2 5300
XFX XXX 8600GT 256mb
Pentium 4 3.0E

The problem I'm having is I can't Run Crysis at Medium at all....
I updated my drivers, For my vid card and also Upgraded my bios...
But I still get less then 10fps... I can't even play the damn thing. Is there something I'm doing wroung? Mind you I can play css and dods perfectly fine with 120fps it runs like a champ but when it comes down to crunch time crysis wont run steady... can someone help me out I would greatly appritiate it. I don't know if it's the vid card or the mobo..
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Crysis is a VERY demanding game it can make the most high end system look like a tramp!

you dont have enough video card or cpu to run crysis IMHO

sorry to rain on your parade

what make and model power supply are you running ????? if your are LUCKY; maybe a better power supply will get your video card on its feet ?
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It's no biggie it was wierd though, when i first got the set up it ran crysis just fine... but how can i not run it when im seeing people with a ati 1600 pro agp running it just fine and less ram then me? Doesn't make any sence... I have a 500Watt OCZ game stream powere supply...
Is that what you are recommending? I didn't Understand you...

the 500watt is the one i have.
I agree with Dai / 500 watts isnt powerful enough for any type of gaming machine ....... I believe your video card and maybe even your cpu are starving for power during intense gaming, therefore gaming FPS will drop off

I would look to the Coolermaster Real Power Pro 650 watt
Thermaltake toughpower 650 watt
Corsair TX-650 watt

OCZ 700 watt

remember; dont get mislead by the wattage label >>>>> those are PEAK wattage labels under very cool ambient air conditions, when a power supply is living in a gaming box, the heat at which the PSU operates soars! which directly translates to less capability output

a good quality 500 watt will really only put out about 400 watts
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So In realistic since your saying it's heat that is really dropping my fps...? I have a zelman on my cpu and it idles at 25 to 30 C. So it is the power then? And one quick question... When I go into my bios I have a setting called Turbo Mode.. what exactly does it do? Because when I do enable it I will go to play a game it crashes every program i use. Is that also due to lack of power? it doesnt make since because I play CSS AND DODS perfectly fine on everything max with a steady frame rate of 120 all the time...
Turbo mode is a quickie type overclocking software; I dont think I ever saw a system that didnt crash when "Turbo mode" was used :laugh:

thats why the quickie overclocking settings are NEVER used by overclockers, the quickies will work on a lesser setting >>> i forget what the one step under turbo is ?

but you will not be able to overclcok much with such a limited power supply, overclocking makes a power supply work very hard, if the supply is not a high quality one with plenty of over sizing (650 watt and above) the result is often times a crashing system

BTW: I did not mean to imply excess heat was YOUR problem; I was trying to explain, cheap power supplies get their rating while they are being testing in a very air conditioned room, where they can output more power. then when you put them in a normal condition without very cool air being forced into the computer box their capabilities drop substantially

look inside your case, you power supply gets its "fresh" air from within the inside of your box! how cold is that air ? :laugh::4-thatsba

the fan coming out the back of the power supply is an exaust fan, the supply intake air comes from within

that why such a drastic drop in the real output of a power supply, no matter what electric component you speak of, even eleicitrical distribution panels, the hotter they get the less they can output........

get a good power supply worthy of your system, dont mess with any of the cheapies other than a select few on / refurbished

Crysis is alot more demanding than CSS
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ooh ok, so in other words just dont even bother using turbo mode?
And get a bigger and better power supply?

thank you so much for all the help.
my younger brother told me about this forum.
you could give turbo mode another shot once you have a better PSU

but generally speaking to achieve the level of overclock that turbo aims for requires other tweaks like ram timings and slight voltage increases which the "turbo" fails to actually perform therefore bringing about a flop!
Awesome, Thank you So much for all your help. I will be snatching a new PSU here in a week. I will let you know how it all goes from there. Turbo mode I would need to manualy set my timing for my ram though?
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