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Biostar M7VIQ problems

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Hello all,
Glad to be a part of your huge forum!

Heres the problem:
I got a Biostar M7VIQ motherboard with 256k ddr ram & a 1.6 ghz cpu. I'm trying to get the darn thing to get past the select os screen but cant. It will flash the "XP" startup screen then reboots itself.
Ive read that it had to do with the on board vga interfering with my video card. But I cant figure out what the setings (conbinations) should be. I feel like Ive tried then all lol (rebooted prolly bout 200 times) If anyone can give me a hand with the bios on this setup I'd be greatful!!!

Thanks in Advance,

John:brush: :winkgrin:
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Welcome to the forums JohnCal..............:D

Are you using a hard drive with all the data on it from a previous machine? If so a clean install is recommended.

Could you list your hardware specs please................:winking:
Hi there I switched off my on board VGA by setting the shared memory parameter in the bios to disable.

Hope this is of some help
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