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When you can't get past the post how then can you update the bios of a system.
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How far into post does it get?

no post no bios it is all blank and dull to the mind and eyes
Does the PC speaker beep at all? If not check the CPU make sure it's not toast, and also the motherboard to make sure its not grounding out.

the cpu is fine but i donot get any beep from the speakers yet this is the third day now with no progress on a single machine.Should i just give up on this mobo or think otherwise
can you part it out and see if anything works.....if not remove ALL extra items...try reseating memory )youd be suprised)? make sure video card is good! does the monitor respond (go from amber to green)? Are the fans spinning...? Did it ever beep...its there an internal it connected?

There is a virus...dont see much of it latley called CHERNOBYOL or CHI that writes garbage to the bios at that point the hardware is usless but it is a rare case...

Good Luck
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