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My motherboard is ASUS P4BP-MX 2.0...

I tried to install Windows XP professional (SP2) on my PC..formatting and copying of files done successfully..
After restarting, my PC hanged in Windows XP logo screen itself..
I have previously used the same cd and installed XP successfully in my friend machine no problem with CD..
so to troubleshoot i installed Ubuntu worked successfully..
am able to boot and work in Ubuntu 8.10...

I thought of upgrading my BIOS 1003 to version 1005 and downloaded 1005.BIN for XP..

1) Does upgrading my BIOS fix this XP installation issue?

While trying to upgrade i went through my board manual and pressed Alt+F2 key after POST screen..
I got the AwardBIOS Flash Utility for ASUS v1.00 screen..
The screen had File Name to Program field but my cursor is being shown at some other place near the Message grid..
Also its not accepting any input from keyboard..
I tried Fail Safe defaults, Optimised defaults..but no success to enter file name in AwardBIOS..

2) Does resetting my RTC CLEAR jumper alone by unplugging power cord and removing CMOS battery fix this problem?

3) If i somehow get access to AwardBIOS utility in feature with some fix, is that possible to Update my BIOS with FAT32 formatted USB pen drive having my 1005.BIN in AwardBIOS utility?
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